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1 - Things That Break The Fast - Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid
(59104 Reads)
2 - Youth and Marriage - Part 1 - Group of Authors
(45464 Reads)
3 - Pepsi Cola - Halaal or Haraam? - S. Darsh
(41338 Reads)
4 - A Brief Guide to Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarah - Ibn 'Uthaymeen
Don’t forget your Hajj Gift! A very short, to-the-point, and concise guide to ‘Umrah, then Hajj, followed by the visit to Prophet’s Mosque and al-Baqi graveyard, by Sheikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen - may Allah have mercy on him. This translation contains all supplications and invocations in Arabic (with vowels), as well as transliteration in English Alphabets, along with their meanings. Don’t leave for Hajj without it! (29538 Reads)
5 - Oppression - Shariffa Carlo
(25793 Reads)
6 - The Times for Isha and Fajr Prayers in Western Countries - Haytham bin Jawwad al-Haddad
The beginning of summer occasions great confusion amongst many Muslims living in the UK, North America, Canada and some other European countries concerning the commencement of Isha, Magrib and Fajr prayers. Muslims frequently enquire about the best time to pray Isha since it starts very late. This Fatwa explains the best practical opinion taking into consideration the diversity of Muslims residing in these countries as well as the abnormal situations they are facing. (21037 Reads)
7 - Insurance and the Shariah - Part 1 - Azman Ismail
(16307 Reads)
8 - The Islamic Mortgage: Paradigm Shift or Trojan Horse? - Haytham al Haddad & Tarek El Diwany
Any Islamic home financing scheme in which the financing organisation stipulates conditions to protect itself from a negative return on capital is equivalent to an interest-bearing loan. (13579 Reads)
9 - A Woman's Guide to Hajj - Muhammad ash-Shareef
(13261 Reads)
10 - Reviving Our Sense of Gheerah - Fatima Barkatulla
(13023 Reads)

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