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1 - Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: Life & Madhab - Abuz-Zubair
A discussion about various aspects of the life of Imam Ahmad, as well as his Madhab in Aqeedah, Fiqh, principles and some notable Hanbali scholars to-date. The objective of this piece is to briefly introduce the Hanbali Madhab to an average English reader. (91673 Reads)
2 - Ibn al-Jawzi: A Lifetime of Da'wah - Abuz-Zubair
A biographical note on one of the famous medieval Hanbali scholars, known as Ibn al-Jawzi, who began his preaching career at the age of ten, thereby dedicating his entire life for da’wah, until he died at the age of eithy-six. The article briefly looks at his education, preaching career, his trial followed by his death; as it also analyses his criticisms of various ills in his society, as well as others’ criticisms of him on several issues. (21825 Reads)
3 - Ikrima ibn Abi Jahl: The Avowed Enemy - The Devout Mujahid - Hamzah Qassim
(20570 Reads)
4 - Suraqah Al-Andalusi (Azzam.Com Correspondent) - Azzam Publications
(17926 Reads)
5 - Obituary: Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Arna'ut - Abu Eesa Niamatullah
There are two calamities when the true scholars of Islam pass away: the immediate loss of the individual from whom one can now not benefit from; and that the sacred knowledge running through the veins of such people is lost and passes away with its carrier. With the death of the 'ulemâ, we lose a portion of the legacy of Muhammad (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) (11797 Reads)
6 - al-Hasan al-Basri - Arafat K. El-Ashi
(11348 Reads)
7 - In Memoriam – Shaykh ‘Abdul Ghaffar Hasan - Usama Hassan
A collection of biographies and tributes to a celebrated traditionist of Pakistan who passed away in the year 2007 (11287 Reads)
8 - Sheikh 'Abdul 'Aziz Ibn Baz - Abuz-Zubair
(11073 Reads)
9 - Shaheed Masood al-Benin (Azzam.Com Correspondent) - Azzam Publications
(9785 Reads)
10 - Abu Isma'il al-Harawi al-Ansari - Abu Rumaysah
A comprehensive biography of one of the prominent medieval scholars of Islam, Shaykh al-Islam Abu Isma?il al-Harawi, a celebrated Sunni traditionalist and an avowed detractor of Ash?arite speculative theologians, an expert exegete, traditionist and a leading Sufi of his time. (9103 Reads)

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