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1 - ‘No Thanks’ to Tariq Ramadan - Abuz-Zubair
There is no doubt that the West has doubled her efforts in secularising Islam by using the ‘fifth column’ to shed much of its political, cultural and spiritual aspects. Exactly a year after the RAND report, we witnessed the Amina Wadud incident, and only twelve days later came yet another attack on the Shariah, by Dr. Tariq Ramadan. This article comes as a response to the latter’s recent call for a moratorium on Hudud. (16794 Reads)
2 - Women leading men in prayers - Abu Yusuf Tawfique Choudhury
Response to an article by a fringe group of 'modernists' regarding women leading men in prayer. (11271 Reads)
3 - Usama Hassan Expelled from Masjid At-Tawheed - IslamicAwakening.Com
A public statement and message to the Muslim community from IslamicAwakening.Com on the good news of Usama Hasan's expulsion from Masjid al-Tawheed (9920 Reads)
4 - Pop Culture in the Name of Islam - Yvonne Ridley
The rivers of blood flow freely from the veins of our brothers and sisters from across the Muslim world. Screaming and shouting the names of musical heroes drown out the screams coming from the dungeons of Uzbekistan where brothers and sisters are boiled alive in vats of water (8877 Reads)
5 - Understanding the Concept of Integration - A critical analysis of Dr. Tariq Ramadan's views. - Hani Abid
Tariq Ramadan and those “Thinkers” who share his ideology are an extension of a mass wave of attack on Islam. It is not about integration; it’s about assimilation and adoption of all that is secular and abandonment of the Muslim identity. It is a concerted effort by the West to remove any reference to God on Earth. (8425 Reads)
6 - Honour Crimes and Muslims - Umm Rashid
There has never been a precedent in the early generations of Muslims of people carrying out "honour" killings, or even encouraging and condoning such acts. In fact, some of the alleged "misdemeanours" that provoke such attacks are actually rights that Islam has granted women. (7669 Reads)
7 - Modernism in Islam - Jamaal al-Deen Zarabozo
What is modernism and where did it come from? (7189 Reads)
8 - The Trouble with Islam’s Reformists - Amir Butler
Although figures such as Tariq Ali, Irshad Manji or Ibn Warraq may differ in the details, these unsolicited sages all argue that the Muslim world must somehow reconcile its beliefs with “modernity” (7162 Reads)
9 - The Ruling on a Woman Leading a Public Congregational Prayer - Jamaal al-Deen Zarabozo
More recently, others have made the claim that there is no harm in women leading men in prayers. Some have even claimed that it is permissible for a woman to lead men and women in the Friday Prayers or other obligatory congregational prayers in the mosque. Indeed, this has actually been done in practice. It is this particular issue that shall be dealt with here. (6729 Reads)
10 - Pretensions Of Post Modernism and the Hadith of Umm Waraqah - Maulana Tauha Karaan
The neocon West needs persons like Amina Wadud and episodes like her Jumu'ah adventure to achieve its goals. The Amina Waduds of this world stand to benefit immensely from the exposure and patronage of this government. (6600 Reads)

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