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Sacrificing the White Bull
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You’ve all heard the story before.

There was a white bull, a red bull and a black bull – oh and a (hungry) lion too.

As they set off on a long and arduous journey together, full of danger due to many obstacles and wild animals along the way, the lion pulled aside the red and black bulls and explained that the white bull, due to the way it stood out so blatantly, should be sacrificed for the long term safety of the group. They both agreed, and the lion proceeded to eat the white bull.

Not too long after, the lion pulled aside the black bull and convinced it that the bright red bull had now become the threat to their safety. And so the red bull was duly eaten.

After a little while, the lion turned to the black bull and said, “My friend, it’s now time for me to eat you.”

The black bull resignedly replied to the lion, “No doubt, for indeed I died the day the white bull died.”

Let no-one be under any illusions that the current governmental decision to ban free political speech from those such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT) and possibly others has a huge ramification for the remaining British Muslim citizens in the UK.

Regardless of the ultimate weakness of the HT methodology, one must understand the premise on which the Lord Chancellor wishes to ban such a party and the free discussion in which they engage the wider public. Essentially, it is the insistence of HT to defend and promote Islamic ideals and principles (some correct and some incorrect), and the fact that they oppose some cherished ‘ideals’ of the Western secular States which has caused this blatant attack on our collective freedom to speak our mind.

The hypocrisy of this entire episode is that the UK claims to be a democracy – allowing the freedom of speech, discussion, debate between all of its members. It would be perfectly understandable if the UK was a theocracy or a dictatorship if it had imposed such restrictions; there would be no argument for indeed that is what we would have signed up to, to live under such rule.

But to then claim to be a democracy, a ‘leading light’ in the Western world for enlightened thought and discussion, a ‘shining example’ of how change is effected through democratic means and political debate and therefore non-violent means – for it to claim all this and then decide to ban those such as HT because their ideas and principles ultimately oppose those at No.10 Downing St, is nothing but a total scrapping of our human rights here in the UK and a rejection of the fundamental principles which the UK is built upon.

What we must also come to understand is that if such bans are allowed to go ahead, what will become of the rest of us British Muslims? Will we ever be allowed to discuss and debate fundamental Islamic principles ever again?

Allowing such legislation to be passed would put us all in great danger of expressing, discussing and calling others to what we British Muslims believe to be the Divine guidance of God. All Muslims who have a modicum of Islamic knowledge will appreciate that it is only through the absolute full implementation of Islamic Law will true peace and justice be spread throughout the world. It doesn’t take a genius to recognise this fact when we see what a horrific mess the secular capitalists have made of the job in the last 200 odd years. Despite all the horror stories of Shari‘ah law in the tabloids, surely the Muslims couldn’t make it any worse! Is it so repugnant to hold such a fundamental Islamic belief, to discuss whether there is any credence to such an understanding, whether Muslims are ready (or not as one can obviously see) to establish such a state somewhere in the world?

Is it not possible for Muslims to discuss the finer details of war stratagem? Is it not allowed for Muslims in the world to have the right to fight back against those who illegally invaded their lands? Is it illegal to discuss strategies of defence for such an oppressed people? Is it not a peoples’ fundamental human right to determine amongst their scholars what is permissible and what is impermissible to do under Islamic law, in times of peace and in times of war?

Or is it only possible for non-Muslims to do all of the above? So this is the protection of universal human rights in our UK democracy?

The UK government is making a terrible mistake. By closing down the freedom of speech, one creates an atmosphere akin to the underground terrorist movements of many dictatorships over the world. If Muslims are not allowed to openly debate such issues and come to objective conclusions free from either pressures to conform to Western ideals or that of having to conform with decadent Islamic intellectualism, then one can only see the end of a true sincere presentation of the Islamic religion and a continued erosion of the human rights of the rest of our British society.

The White bull is on the altar. The rest of us are not too far behind.


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