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1. When one mixes ikhlaas with the tastes and desires the soul. Such as the one who busies himself with study so that he can rejoice with the delight and pleasure of speech. Or the one who goes on an expedition in order to practice war and learn its means and ways. This is not from the perfection of ikhlaas to Allaah the Exalted.

2. Perhaps a servant may dislike riya' but when his actions are mentioned and he is praised he does not respond to it with dislike. Rather, he feels happiness inside and thinks that this is a means of comfort from the toil and hardship of his worship. This is a type of the various types of the hidden shirk.

3. A man may also fall into riya' not due to speech by which he may just hint about his good deeds and qualities or be open about them, but by certain qualities or characteristics that he possesses. Included in this is showing one's leaness and emaciation to others: looking pale, lowering one's voice, the effects of weeping, and drowsiness which indicates long standing during the tahajjud prayer.

4. Sometimes a man keeps away from the sight of others so that they do not come to know about him (his good deeds). However when he sees people he loves that they give salutations to him first. That they meet him with respect, are enthusiastic in fulfilling his needs, are light with him in their dealings with him and make space for him in the gatherings. If anyone falls short of that, it hurts his heart. It is as if his soul is demanding respect for the worship and obedience which he does in secret.

5. A servant performs tahajjud prayer and it is burdensome for him. However, when a guest stays with him he is lively for it and it becomes easy for him.

6. When a man is amazed by his actions and sees sincerity in them. Allaah's Messenger (saw) said, "If you did not sin, I would have feared for you something which is greater than that, amazement (with oneself), amazement (with oneself)."(Saheeh ul-Jam'i, no. 5179, with hasan isnad).

The section on the sayings of the Salaf regarding ikhlaas will come soon and in it is a most beautiful saying: "Whoever sees sincerity in his sincerity, then his sincerity is in need of sincerity." Meaning, whoever sees, feels and perceives sincerity in his actions, then this sincerity is also in need of sincerity.

7. Sometimes one's desire is fulfilled by responding to an invitation to someone's house for food with the knowledge that the food at this place is most certainly better and more excellent than the food at his own house at that time.

8. Sometimes one's desire is obtained by visiting those friends whom one loves dearly for the sake of Allaah the Exalted. However in his soul is a hidden desire from his intention of visiting in that he will delight and take pleasue with the food, drink and sweets that are presented to him.

9. A man may sometimes present a variety of food and drink to a man who had invited him for food previously. So he presents to him all sorts of food and a variety of drinks similar to what his brother had offered him or even greater. And perhaps he may also give him a gift similar to the one he was given or even better.

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