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Thus Taught the Prophets: The Great issue of Tawhid
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The Great issue of Tawhid

CERTAINLY THE QUESTION of Tawhid and the singling out of Allah Almighty in worship is the great issue, the self-evident truth to which the Prophets called. They centered all their efforts around this premise; they fought for it and made pace for it. They suffered for its sake and dedicated their hours, night and day for its sake. Pure monotheism was their preoccupation and their practice in secret and in public.

It is a simple and clear matter, far removed from complications and problems and hence everyone is able to understand it, regardless of whether he is a scholar or an illiterate. The Arab among his herds understands it as well as the philosopher among his books. The scientist in his laboratory understands it as well as the peasant in his field. This is because it is the truth with which all the Prophets were sent to all classes of society and was never intended for the intelligent and educated only. Likewise it was not for those in authority or the rich. Indeed it is for all mankind. And this is a part of the simplicity of this religion which the Prophet described; as transmitted from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah and related by Al-Bukhari: “Verily this religion is uncomplicated.” Part of its ease is the simplicity of its creed. Hence it is possible to explain the tenets of faith to any person in about ten minutes and he will go away having understood and digested it with the greatest ease.

On the other hand, when one examines the creed of the misguided Christians, one encounters in its complications and obscurities that make the most intelligent and ingenious dispute it and be puzzled by it, let alone the ordinary and common folk. As a result, they submit to whatever they are told by their priest and they ascribe to their religion secrets which should be not discussed. Thus they believe and they remain blindfolded.

When we examine the various schools of philosophy we find that even many educated people are incapable of understanding the existentialist thought as an example, let alone to become convinced of its assumptions. The Islamic monotheistic creed is by contrast clear and simple. There is no god except Allah presupposes that the believer should turn towards Allah with his heart, his limbs, and all his deeds. That he should abandon all idols, gods, and transgressors which the polytheists take as gods and worship instead of Allah.

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