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Thus Taught the Prophets: Realizing Loyalty to Allah
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Realizing Loyalty to Allah

AMONG THE REQUIREMENTS of the declaration There is no God except Allah is that the individual should also free himself from loyalty to others beside Allah. Free himself from loyalty to the iniquitous, loyalty to the pagans, to the Jews, Christians, secularists, hypocrites, and others from among the nations and schools that have strayed from the path of the Prophets and Messengers.

Hence the individual should fully dedicate his loyalty to Allah, His Messenger, and the
believers. He should disassociate himself from all other loyalties to the extent that his heart vibrates with this feeling. Thus he cannot incline except to the people of truth and faith. He prays for them, becomes happy whenever they are victorious, sad when they suffer affliction in any battle between truth and falsehood, irrespective of whether it is a military, political or media battle and regardless of whether this takes place in the west or east, above every land and below every sky.

And thus among the signs of a believer is his happiness for the success of the religion of
Prophet Muhammad and sadness for its decline. In the same manner, among the signs of a hypocrite is his happiness for the decline of Islam and his sadness with its ascendancy. The hypocrite cannot control himself when he sees the believer visited by adversity. He becomes overwhelmed with delight and he reveals this heartfelt joy over what befell the believers. This is because his loyalty is not to the believers and his heart is filled with hatred and hypocrisy. Of course, he expresses these feelings in his own special way. If he is a politician he will express it in a neatly packaged statement. If he is a journalist he will present his view in an attractive bulletin. Needless to say, none of them can conceal the truth. A Muslim is obliged, therefore, to love his brother Muslim who celebrates the Oneness, uniqueness and exclusivity of Allah. He should desire for him success, pray for him, sympathize with him, and defend him. In fact he should know that these are rights which his brother has upon him, and are in facts, acts of worship regardless of the outcomes of the battle. Therefore, whether the Muslim brother will triumph or not is never the measure for support. Surely uncertainty in loyalty is among the traits of the hypocrites. If they witness one group achieve success they support them, and if they see the other group attain victory they support them also. As Allah Almighty says: Those who but wait and see what betides you: thus, if triumph comes to you from Allah, they say, “Were we not on your side?” – whereas if those who deny the truth are in luck, they say [to them], ‘have we not earned your affection by defending you against those believers?” (Surah Al-Nisa: 141) And this is how the hypocrites change their colors and deceive others, for at times they say that which pleases both parties and join the victorious party after their success.

Thus whenever one examines any of the Islamic issues especially when the Muslims are
persecuted and are in a state of weakness, one finds that the leaders of the hypocrites emerge from within their ranks showing their teeth and offering help to the polytheist and secularists. Indeed they assist them and subject all the resources that Allah has given them to help the enemies of Islam – totally contrary to what was practiced by the Prophets. As Musa said: O my Sustainer! [I vow] by all the blessings which You have bestowed on me: never shall I aid such as are lost in sin! (Surah Al-Qasas: 17)

Those who identify with Islam in their speech are many but in reality they do not realize genuine monotheism and they do not exercise the real meaning of disassociation from the polytheists and secularists. Instead they have established the greatest doctrinal hypocrisy in their beings which takes them outside the fold of Islam and makes them sympathize with the polytheists everywhere, helping them against the believers and being happy with their ascendancy. Their vacillating tongues declare: “O my Sustainer whatever You have blessed me with, I will be a helper to the polytheists and I will use whatever You have given me to support their cause against the believers!"

Clearly the issue of loyalty and disassociation is a fundamental one; hence some of the scholars have said: “After the issue of the Tawhid al-Uluhiyyah, no other issue was detailed in the Qur’an as that of loyalty and disassociation.”

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